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Organisational consultancy

Promoting organisational mental well-being improves overall work satisfaction, physical and mental resilience, and more. In practice, organisational mental well-being not only support employees' emotional resilience, creativity and productivity, but also their physical health. The specific approach, strategy, content and nature of such interventions is critical for achieving the desired outcomes.

To promote organisational mental well-being, two types of intervention are offered:

Lectures and workshops

Lectures and workshops are short interventions that can provide starting points for developing organisational mental resilience, and positively support employees' well-being. The lectures and workshops are interactive, and include different exercises, demonstrations, etc. Potential topics can be found here. 

Training programs

Long-lasting changes require persistence, and the training programs are designed to provide long-term support and assessment, answering two main purposes:

1) Transforming challenges into actions - using the Mind-Set principles to change current undesired challenges, like burnout rates, unsafe emotional  organisational climate, etc. 

2) Creating resilient future - Developing competencies to support future challenges. 


The training programs can be delivered by Mind-set personnel or by training a contact person within the organisation which will provide a continuous intervention according to the Mind-Set principles. Such programs allow long-term research and assessment and enable further adaptations, which better support the desired goals.

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