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The Neurophysiology of Mental Well-being training program


Take the next step in your personal and professional development!

Our bodies and minds are inseparable, and in a complex concert they construct every sensation, emotion, and thought we experience, and every action we perform. Due to this connection, understanding the physiological foundations of our mental world is crucial to our ability to cope with life’s challenges and support our and others' mental well-being. 

For whom?

Therapists (psychologists, coaches, NLP practitioners, physical therapists, PMT therapists, etc.), educators, HR personnel, and anyone interested in the neuroscience of mental well-being.

What you will learn?

This unique program combines theoretical concepts with practical applications related to the neuroscience of mental well-being. After completing this training, you will gain knowledge and skills regarding ways to promote physical and mental resilience, how to navigate burnout prevention and recovery, foster personal growth, and a range of other vital aspects of well-being. 

Specifically, you will learn about:

  • The role and function of several physiological systems in our body central to mental well-being.

  • How mind-body interventions affect our physiology and mental state.

  • How to use available physiological indicators for monitoring and optimizing well-being.

  • Effective exercises and techniques designed to promote well-being.

Practical information

The training is organized as a one-day, 8-hour program, composed of a theoretical module and a practical module. While no specific prior knowledge is required, a background in biology/physiology/psychology is an advantage. All relevant information will be provided either as a part of the teaching materials or as additional recommended literature. While the course utilizes several aspects inspired by different martial arts, no prior experience is needed. The course is suitable for every individual, regardless of age, gender, or physical condition.

The cost of this training day is 450 euros (inc. VAT), including all teaching materials, lunch, refreshments and snacks, parking (if relevant), and Proof of Participation.

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For any  further information and questions, please contact me:


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