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The offered workshops complement the lectures and introduce an interactive experience to them. Some of the workshops are inspired by the world of martial arts and include a unique physical interaction that combines scientific concepts on one hand and a direct experience on the other. The duration of the workshops varies depending on the workshop, the number of participants, etc.

The (neuro)physiology of mental well-being


The purpose of this workshop is to dive into the intriguing connection between body and mind. During the workshop, participants will engage in an interactive exploration of several physiological systems in our body and their role and function regarding well-being. Importantly, by the end of this workshop, participants will acquire practical tools to support their mental well-being. 

Martial arts and mental well-being

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This workshop is very physical in nature, exposing participants to several martial arts practices. This workshop aims to experience how elements derived from Karate, Tai-chi, and other arts can be used in our daily lives to improve physical and mental well-being. No prior knowledge of martial arts is needed, and everyone is welcome regardless of their level of physical condition.

A physiological approach to ice-bathing


It is known that both breathing techniques and cold exposure can improve our physical and mental health. In this workshop, we will start with understanding the basics of our respiratory and cardiovascular systems, as well as neural aspects of pain perception. The purpose is to better understand how certain breathing patterns can support ice bathing, and how cold exposure is relevant to our mental and physical wellbeing. Once the basics are clear, each participant will put this knowledge into practice and will dive into ice-cold water.

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